About Us

Improving the inclusion of African populations in global genomics research


Our Goal

We aim to build genetic data sets that make landmark discoveries a reality.

Africans house the most genetically diverse DNA in comparison to all other world populations combined. In gathering insights from the African genome, we could power medical breakthroughs and discoveries that will change the entire landscape of healthcare, globally. We fully recognise the tremendous potential that this presents.

Presently, most genomic data used for development research is from Europe, United Kingdom and North America with African genomic data only accounting for less than 3%. This is where we come in. We exist to close this gap by increasing access to highly curated genomic data from African populations.


We are backed by prestigious global partners

Adjuvant Capital
Raba Capital

Our Team

Our management team of experts bring just over 100 years worth of combined experience and technical expertise to the forefront.

Abasi Ene-Obong

Abasi Ene-Obong, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Delali Attipoe

Delali Attipoe

Chief Operating Officer

Jeesica Rich

Jessica Rich

Chief Commercial Officer

Oyedeji Oluwaseun

Oyedeji Oluwaseun

Country Manager

Francis Osifo

Francis Osifo

VP, Engineering

Dr. Zara Modibbo

Dr. Zara Modibbo

VP, Laboratory Operations

Aminu Yakubu

Aminu Yakubu

VP, Governance & Ethics

Kemi Williams

Kemi Williams

VP, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Dishan De Silva

Dishan De Silva

VP, Finance

Abi Galadima

Abi Bulus

VP, Human Resources

Alma Karibo

Alma Karibo

Compliance and Data Protection Officer

Dr. Jumi Popoola

Dr. Jumi Popoola

Senior Director, Molecular Genetics and Operations

Scientific Advisory Board

Mike F. Murray

Michael F. Murray, MD

Director of Clinical Operations, Center for Genomics & Health Professor, Department of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine

Dr Manuel Rivas

Manuel Rivas, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University

Gregory Hinkle, PhD

Gregory Hinkle, PhD

VP, Research Informatics, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Hammerbacher

Jeff Hammerbacher

Founder and General Partner, Related Sciences

Biobank Committee

Executive Committee


Babatunde Lawal Salako, MBBS, FWACP, FRCP, FRCP, MNIM

Professor of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, University of Ibadan/
Consultant Nephrologist, University College Hospital/
Director General, Nigeria Institute of Medical Research


Olusegun Isaac Alatise, MB.ChB, M.Sc, FWACS, FMCS

Professor and Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Division of Surgical Gastroenterology, Oncology/
Department of Surgery, Obafemi Awolowo University

Prof. Aisha Indo Mamman

Aisha Indo Mamman, MBBS, FMCPath

Professor of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Ahmadu Bello University/
Consultant Hematologist, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

Dr. Zara Modibbo

Zahra Modibbo, MBBS, FMACP

Consultant Clinical Microbiologist/
VP, Laboratory Operations, 54gene

Dr Aisha N Ado-Wanka

Nabila Ado Wanka, MBBS, FMCPath

Consultant Pathologist,
Head of Histopathology, 54gene


Ike Anya, MD, FFPH

Consultant in Public Health Medicine/
Principal Consultant &
Co-Founder at EpiAfrica/
Curator Nigeria Health Watch, Co-Founder TEDxEuston.

Access Committee


Martin Madu Meremikwu, MB.BCh, FWACP

Professor of Pediatrics & Clinical Epidemiology, University of Calabar/
Chief Consultant Pediatrician, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Aminu Zakari

Aminu Zakari Mohammed, MBBS, DCP, FMCPath

Professor of Pathology, Department of Medicine, Bayero University/
Consultant Pathologist, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital/
Immediate Past Chief Medical Director, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital

Mrs. Moji Makanjuola

Moji Makanjuola, MFR

CEO, International Society of Media in Public Health

Aminu Yakubu

Aminu Yakubu, MPH, PGCert Bioethics

Bioethicist and Public Health Scientist/
VP, Research Governance and Ethics, 54gene

Dr Jumi Popoola

Jumi Popoola, PhD

Molecular and Genomic Medicine Specialist/
Senior Director, Molecular Genetics and Operations, 54gene

Biosafety Committee

Dr Adeola Fowotade

Adeola Fowotade, MBBS, MSc Med Virology, MWACP, FMCPATH

Clinical Virologist, University College Hospital/
Lecturer, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba

Nnamdi Ilodiuba, PhD

President, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria


Chinyere Anyika

Biosafety Focal Officer,
Molecular Laboratory Scientist, 54gene


Adeola Adeleye

Biosafety Focal Officer,
Clinical Laboratory Scientist, 54gene

Mission Statement

To advance the knowledge of African genomics and promote inclusion in precision medicine through innovative basic, translational, and clinical research.


To deliver on the promise of precision medicine for Africans and the global population

Our Culture

A winning attitude

Our team comprises brilliant talent spanning diverse ethnicities, religions and lifestyles across the globe. We play to the strength in our diversity and heart is at the very core of the work we do.

Team work is fundamental to the way we operate in our various capacities to work towards a desired outcome. Our daily motivator is in the understanding that the work we do is highly integral to the future of healthcare not just on the African continent but for all world population.

The core values that underpin our day-to-day include: Results, Purpose, Safety, Caring, Learning, and Uncompromised Leadership

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