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The 54gene cohort is already the largest re-contactable database of genotypic and phenotypic information of Africans, and is made up of thousands of ethnically diverse individuals of African origin. We believe that the African DNA holds many clues that may improve our understanding of the human body and may provide insights that lead to new therapies for diseases that affect all races.

We are ethically conscious in our research and welcome collaborations with institutions around the world that help uncover the insights from the African DNA. However, we advocate for the inclusion of African researchers and institutions in our research and that Africans also benefit from insights gained from the research.

Interested in our AFRIGEN study?

We are working with leading research hospitals in Africa and volunteer patients to understand the genetics behind complex diseases affecting Africans. Patient volunteers provide their biological samples and access to their clinical records and family history of disease to improve our understanding of these diseases. We currently have thousands of patients recruited across specialty research areas such as: