Providing a template for the future of genomics research in Africa


Driving Impact

Ethical responsibility: We strive for meaningful community engagement that protects the welfare of our research participants and investigators. Our processes are compliant with country and regional regulatory agencies ensuring regulatory excellence and conduct of our research studies and clinical trials.

Investment in research infrastructure: We have invested approximately $5m in the building of world-class genomics and diagnostics infrastructure in Africa.

Job creation: In just over a year, we have provided 300+ research jobs to local talent within the Nigerian ecosystem. 80% of our total number of employees are of Nigerian heritage. We will continue to focus our efforts on skilled job creation and education in Nigeria and Africa.

Knowledge transfer: We have re-invested in knowledge transfer by educating and cross-training individuals to develop internationally competitive skills in the field of genomics within the African continent.

Empowerment of African Genomics researchers: Our collaboration with Nigerian researchers extends beyond collecting data and insights; we grant them access to anonymised data for publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Environmental sustainability: We utilise alternative energy that isn’t detrimental to our planet.

Extensive reach: We have a presence in all 6 geopolitical zones in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria collaborating with over 20 leading hospitals nationwide.


To enable lasting impact, we have also created an initiative to promote genomics research and development in Africa. To learn more about the African Centre for Translational Genomics (ACTG), click the button below

The African Centre for Translational Genomics