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The penetration of genetic tests in Africa is low, and although 54gene is a consumer genetics testing platform, it is most likely that our customers will like to share their results with their doctors and other healthcare professionals. Join our community to receive updates and additional resources.

The Promise of Genetics

Since the first human genome was sequenced in 2003 genetics has advanced rapidly. However, many African countries have not benefitted from these advances. At 54gene we are leveraging partnerships and access to cutting edge technology to improve the lives of the more than 1 billion Africans today and in the future. Some of the areas we do this include

Precision Medicine

54gene is providing doctors in Africa with tools that improve precision medicine to target today’s most burdensome diseases.


54gene collaborates with leading institutions globally to make meaningful discoveries that improve our understanding about the human body and disease.

Drug Discovery

54gene collaborates with drug manufacturers and leading global research institutions that seek to develop medicines for diseases that affect all races.