COVID-19 Testing

Important Notice for COVID-19 Testing



Please note that by signing up to order a test, you accept our terms and conditions as contained in this Important Notice and as set out in our Terms of Use.

The Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for test results is 20 - 48 hours from receipt of your samples at our laboratory.

Our laboratories are not located at our sample collection centers and the estimated time for the receipt of samples at our laboratories is within 24 hours from sample collection at our collection centers.

Please note that you are responsible for scheduling your tests in good time to receive your results within the stipulated TAT.

If you are scheduling a test for travel purposes, we recommend that you take into consideration the following time periods in order to receive your results ahead of your scheduled flight:

  1. 20 hours from sample collection to receipt at the laboratory
  2. 48 hours TAT from receipt of samples at the laboratory to result availability

For customers who need to produce a negative test result dated within 72 hours of departure of a scheduled flight, sample collection and tests should be booked:

  1. No sooner than 92 hours prior to departure of scheduled flight; and
  2. No later than 60 hours prior to departure of scheduled flight

This allows customers a 32 hours window in which to complete their testing to ensure we do not produce a result too soon or too late.

54gene shall not withhold the release of results for clients who have had a test carried out beyond these time frames simply because the client wishes for the results to indicate the 72 hours window. 54gene shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or loss suffered due to customers failure to adopt these time considerations before ordering a test.

If the flight is canceled and rescheduled for a different time, customers should refer to their Airline for its policy on whether the results will be accepted or if they would need to order a new test accordingly. 54gene shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or loss suffered for flight cancellations by customer’s Airline including customer having to order a new test.

Please note that you are solely responsible for booking and scheduling your tests and the tests of your dependents in line with the prescribed time periods above.

54gene Inc. (including its Affiliates, Holding Company, Subsidiaries, Employees, Directors, Agents and Officers) shall not be liable for any loss suffered or damage caused in association with your failure to book a test in good time and in accordance with our stipulated time periods. Such loss includes but is not limited to loss of flight, visa expiration, financial loss, loss of business or business advantage, etc.

Limitation of Liability

54gene shall not in any way be liable to you for your use of our services in booking a test, collecting your samples or providing you a test result.

In any case where liability is established and limited only to an establishment of loss suffered because 54gene did not meet its stipulated time periods, 54gene’s total liability to you or your dependents shall not be more than the testing fee paid and, in any way, shall not exceed the total sum of N50,400 (Fifty Thousand, Four Hundred Naira).

54gene shall not be liable to you for your use of our website or services.

In the case of any dispute, the terms of this Notice shall apply and govern your use of our services.

Please note that these terms shall apply notwithstanding any communication to you to the contrary and for all tests carried out for travel purposes.