precision medicine

At 54gene, we’re tackling the disparity in precision medicine by building one of the world’s richest datasets from the most genetically diverse populations in the world and applying deep analytics to derive key insights from this unique data set.

We are re-imagining a world where precision
medicine is equalized and everyone can live longer

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Bridging the gap in global health disparities with
data-driven insights

Less than 3% of genomic data represented in research is derived from African populations. As modern humans originated
from Africa, the African genome contains significant genetic diversity which till now has largely been ignored.
54gene is pioneering the inclusion of the African genome in research by building the world’s richest and most diverse
genomics dataset to generate insights that uncover the true drivers of disease.

A robust and diverse data engine

Our highly curated proprietary health information ecosystem consists of a large and fast growing repository of approved and diverse datasets with the potential to power understanding across multiple areas of research.

Unique and actionable insights

As a pioneer in progressing insights derived from the African genome, we combine our in-house data analytics and bioinformatics expertise to translate genomics data into actionable insights that fuel global discovery.

Long-term sustainability in genomics

We are committed to infrastructure-building in Africa and building ecosystem partnerships that advance the continent's precision medicine capabilities for the long-term, and further enables the continuous inclusion of the African genome in global research.

What we do

Our proprietary Health Information Ecosystem contains highly curated genomics, clinical and phenotypic data from which
we generate insights that lead to new treatments and diagnostics. We are building these assets to
advance the state of healthcare for the global population.

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