Remote Working Done Right? Here’s How

Faridah Giwa
Faridah Giwa
August 25, 2020, 5 mins read
Remote Working Done Right? Here’s How

Remote working comes with a number of commitments and sacrifices to achieving productivity. Many of which can burn a hole through your pocket, wear you out emotionally and physically, and have your dedication to your job questioned countless times. But like most challenging situations, there’s always a way to make the most of it. 

These outlined tips from our VP, Human Resources – Abi Bulus, can help increase productivity, keep internal energy high, and assist in adjusting to the remote work lifestyle.

Key ways to achieving maximum productivity when working remotely 

Tip 1: Create a routine

With a routine comes a sense of direction and purpose. You are aware of when to wake up, when to do a task, and even when to stop work. Planning these things out on a list with specified times can help create consistency with your work and your new remote working environment. 

Even consistency in the little things such as where you sit can gear you towards ‘work mode’ and make you more productive. As when there is routine or consistency there is productivity. It is also imperative to establish a routine so as not to burn yourself out from exhaustion, anxiety and worry. 

Tip 2: Pace yourself

Be sure to pace yourself. Take things one step at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. It’s not a race, you can take things easy once in a while. You don’t have to cover in one hour something that needs to take four. Breathe, go slow, get it done right. Tackle things one by one, and save energy.

You should also put your to-dos on paper, that way you won’t be liable to forget. This should be done preferably in order of importance, so that way you can get the most urgent things done first.

Tip 3: Set-up the right environment

Creating the right work environment for yourself at home goes a long way when working remotely. This may include finding a comfortable working space, chair, or even a room with no external distraction. If you can get an alternative power source available for power outages, and enough data to last for preferably a week, this will be sure to facilitate smooth running and prevent any interruptions that may affect work mood or flow.

Your setting and external associations to it can heighten or deter your productivity. It is absolutely essential that you take control by recognising those that favour productivity and eliminate those that do not. Once you’ve created an environment that fosters a good work attitude, you’ll start to notice wondrous changes to your productivity level.

Key ways to finding your way around a new remote working environment 

Finding your footing in a new organization is hard enough without having to do it through a computer screen. These tips are sure to help you find your way around work, and with your colleagues.

Tip 1: Put yourself out there

As a new employee working remotely it is advisable to speak to your line manager or Human Resources manager to request a meeting with a few people across different departments so you can really get a vibe of the company and know the right people to get in touch with when in need of assistance. As the more you know, the easier it’ll be to settle in.

You can also go out of your way to get to know people by reaching out over social media or a simple email. You could start with a random conversation or by asking for advice.

Tip 2: Keep an open mind

When starting out at a new job first impressions matter a lot. It is imperative you show how reliable, coordinated and highly productive you are. Because people have never seen your face, it is more difficult for them to see you as a person as no prior connection has been made except via email, and it is quite difficult to consider you a colleague just yet.

You also have to be understanding during a situation like this and cut people slack, because believe it or not, almost everyone is under pressure to perform. Be open to the operations of the company and your fellow employees. That is the only way you get to know the company vibe, adjust to it, and flow with it.

It’s safe to say that at one point or the other you will feel pressure and sometimes a lack of warmth in reception from your new colleagues, but always remember that as much as this environment is new to you, you are also a new addition to these people, and with time all that ice preventing harmonious symbiosis will be broken, and relationships will be forged.

In conclusion, having a clear and concise plan for the day when working remotely, along with an appropriate work environment and regular breaks can really make the difference between being productive and being overwhelmed. As for new employees in this challenging period, try to get into the rhythm of work, forge your own path gradually, and never shy away from asking for help.

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