Less than 1% of global drug discovery occurs on the African continent, we want to change that.



We collaborate with African researchers and research institutions towards the promotion of research and development; the recruitment of study participants and to generate genetic information.

This allows us to gather aggregated and de-identified data on the African population which would prove useful for generating new insights and result in high impact publications.



Our Focus Areas

54gene is currently focused on genomic studies in the following areas:

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Non-Communicable Diseases

In 2015, NCDs accounted for 40 million of the 56 million global deaths. Since then, the burden of disease has been on the rise affecting people, families and communities while the genetic basis of highly prevalent NCDs across Africa remains relatively unknown. In this focus area, we are studying the following diseases: Cancer, Endocrine disorders, Neuro-degenerative diseases, Cardiovascular disease, Sickle Cell Disease

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Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are disorders caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. These diseases account for a high percentage of mortality across African populations. Understanding the genetic basis of these diseases will provide new insights that could enhance treatment. In this focus area, we intend to study infectious diseases that are particularly prevalent across Africa.

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Our Biobank

The 54gene Biobank™

The 54gene Biobank™ is our state-of-the-art biorepository. It is a facility which stores biological samples in the right conditions so the sample retains its integrity for when it is needed for research.

Our biobank is currently located in Africa's most populous country, Nigeria, with the goal of serving as a resource for the global health community to ensure Africans benefit from cutting edge medical innovation.

The biobank is a highly curated, unique data source of clinical, phenotypic and genetic information from which insights can be generated that lead to new treatments and diagnostics. We are equally open to supporting both academic and development research.

Our dedicated clinical and research teams are committed to using our vast genetic database to support development of therapeutics including drugs and vaccines for non-communicable and communicable diseases in various ways.


Our Reach


Tertiary Hospitals


Access to millions of patients


Field Researchers


Our Commitment to

safe, ethical and beneficial research practice

Our studies are only performed upon receiving the necessary ethical clearance by research access committees.

We design robust scientific protocols working with clinical and genetic experts.

Recruitment into our studies is voluntary and may only be completed after proper informed consent has been received from the participants

We are reinvesting back into the healthcare communities where we recruit our participants.

We support local researchers by providing them restricted access to anonymized data for publications in internationally peer-reviewed journals.

We pride ourselves as being a conscientious organization. We believe in treating our partners, collaborators and people that use our services or participate in our research studies with respect – respect for their values, socio-cultural orientations, and contributions

Ethics and Social Value Propositions