COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Privacy Terms



  1. These terms refer to data that we collect for COVID-19 related testing operations. For information on any other rights for any other data collected please see our Privacy Notice
  2. We have been accredited and appointed by the Nigeria government to carry out molecular based COVID-19 tests otherwise known as Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction tests (rPCR) and only act as data processors for COVID-19 testing operations.
  3. We carry out testing operations across different States in Nigeria and the State Governments act as Data Controller for all COVID-19 tests.
  4. The collection of data for testing operations is limited to the purpose of processing samples collected to provide test results.
  5. We do not collect any information that is not required for processing samples.
  6. In line with the Nigerian Data Protection Regulations, the purpose of carrying out tests is in the vital interests of the citizens of Nigeria including the vital interest of the persons to be tested.
  7. We do not carry out any processing activity that has not been authorized by the State or Federal Government.
  8. Our Privacy Notice applies to the extent that we collect your samples for any other diagnostic tests.
  9. The right to your data may be overridden by the vital interest rights of other citizens as may be determined by the Nigerian Government.
  10. We may share your personal data and test results with regulatory agencies including the National Center for Disease Control, the applicable State Government as well as any regulatory body designated by the Federal Government.
  11. In some cases, we are required to return samples collected as well as any personal data and health information to the relevant State or government authority.
  12. We do not retain any part of your data related to COVID-19 tests and follow approved regulations for discarding bio-samples collected that is not returned to the Government.