precision medicine...

...because we believe in better health outcomes for all.

As a health technology platform company, we’re building diverse datasets to unlock scientific discoveries as well as improve diagnostic and treatment outcomes within Africa and the global community

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How we do it

Our proprietary Genomics Infrastructure & Insights Ecosystem (GENIISYS™) platform contains highly curated genetic, clinical and phenotypic data from which we generate insights that lead to new treatments and diagnostics. The assets built within and deriving from GENIISYS™ will advance the state of healthcare for the global community.


What we do

GENIISYS™ underpins our two distinct, but synergistic business lines, which converge to deliver on the promise and power of equalizing precision medicine for all.

These business lines – drug discovery and clinical trial programs – are specifically inclusive of African populations, which demonstrates 54gene’s Commitment to Africa and Partnering with other mission-driven organizations seeking to enable global access of precision medicine for all.

Drug Discovery

Our drug discovery platform business leverages data-driven insights from our genomic studies given the great discovery potential within Africa for rare genetic variants.

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Clinical Trial Programs

Our clinical trial platform provides study management solutions for collaborators and partners seeking to ensure that their solutions are safe and effective for all by leveraging our infrastructure and network to conduct genomic-guided trials within Africa.

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